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Founded in 1947, Scorta srl today has become a leader in the production of high quality thread cutting tools. Scorta's leadership in the field has been reached thanks to its long-standing experience in the industry, a mark of excellence which guarantees you quality production whatever your needs may be. The Scorta philosophy is to promote a synergetic relationship between producer company and client and, thanks to its technical expertise, all issues in the production cycle are efficiently approached and any problems quickly resolved. The entire design phase of the production cycle is carried out exclusively at the clients' premises with the appropriate machinery and equipment so that Scorta ensures you the proper construction of all tools according to your specific needs. Scorta assures you that each aspect of the production cycle is approached with the proper objectives in mind: - Structure: High grade HSS steel certified by the world's top steel mills, as well as custom prepared thermal treatment processes, guarantee you consistancy in quality throughout the entire production cycle; - Precision: The use of CNC machine tools, combined with Scorta's expert surface finishing techniques, ensure that your product is manufactured under close tolerance levels; - Endurance: The application of different surface treatments during the production cycle ensures you low levels of mechanical wear regardless of the product's predefined application; - Safety: The use of sophisticated equipment, to guarantee dimensional tool control during the entire productive cycle, ensures you that the characteristics of the product correspond completely to the declared CE labeling.

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